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Hemorrhagic veins enlarge, swell and rotate, resulting in blue or purple marks on the skin. This happens when the valves in the veins do not work properly, preventing proper blood flow.

VEINS FREE, is a complete solution of Beauty Carat, for ALL types of problems related to varicose veins. The products of the VEINS FREE program, contain a perfect combination of herbs, to avoid swelling and have anti-allergic action, treating the pressure of the veins and the accumulation of blood in the legs.

VEINS FREE program contains:

Oil for foot care (50ml) Roll on

This product weakens the problem and enhances the proper blood flow in the veins, offering healthy venous circulation.

Gel for foot care (100ml)

Contains a combination of herbs with anti-inflammatory, astringent and antioxidant properties that help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. It is a relaxing, moisturizing gel that reduces the pain, swelling and itching that have occurred due to varicose veins.

VEINS FREE also helps:

1) Enhancing veins and their elasticity

2) Improving blood flow and cleansing blood

3) Improves nerve damage

4) Reduces pain

5) Helps prevent a sharp rise in blood flow to the veins

6) Reduces the color associated with varicose veins and their appearance

VEINS FREE program is clinically and dermatologically tested and is aimed at men and women, offering refreshed skin, without varicose veins, pain, and scars.

Thank you for choosing one of the integrated care programs of Beauty Carat.

All the Beauty Carat toiletries and beauty programs contain very pleasant and distinctive flavors, so that the care and beauty is now a pleasant and luxurious fun.

Our concern is your complete satisfaction from using our products.

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